• The Parvaz Mahila Leadership Program is an initiative by ITC Vivel and the Azad Foundation which was initiated in 2016, with the aim to train women as community leaders and drive sustainable change at the community level
  • The objective is to create young women leaders who through their transformative leadership are champions of change in their communities at the grassroot level, helping women in their communities to gain access to income, available resources, and ensure women’s rights in all spheres of their lives
  • Today, the Mahila Leadership Program has successfully empowered 400+ women, impacting 40,000 lives with their Non-Traditional Livelihood initiatives
The Program is currently active in Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata.

You can become a part of the Mahila e feminist Leaderership Program if :-

  • You are a young woman between the age of 180-35
  • You live in resource poor communities of Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata
  • You are educated up to at least class 10th
  • You are passionate about gender justice and women’s rights
  • You can give one year to intense learning process which also involve travel outside your city

The program is for a duration of 1 year.

The participants go through the following4 phases of training in these aspects – Gender and Patriarchy, Gender Based Violence & Non-Traditional Livelihood, Laws, Governance & Constitution, Social Security Schemes, how to work in the community, Sexuality & Reproductive Health, Financial Literacy, Communication, sessions on social media, Understanding Self and Self-Awareness, Power and Leadership.

Overall, the program work towards implementing social change through the following:

  • Helps the community leaders with a better understanding of self and strengths
  • Access to details on Communication, Financial literacy with linkages with banks, accessing banking schemes like Mudra loans, planning and budget analysis, community mobilization strategies, Governance and constitution – structure, social security schemes and citizenship entitlements, gender patriarchy, violence, legal structure, etc.
  • The programme helps the community leaders explore non-traditional livelihoods and living with dignity. It helps them work with the external structures as well as the local agents like the district offices, various governance agencies, etc.

If you’re from New Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata or Chennai and would want to bring change in your community, you can be a Mahila Leader.

Contact us on the numbers listed below

  • Delhi: Afsana Sultan contact no: 9654466519
  • Jaipur: Shakuntala Contact No: 7727836881
  • Kolkata: Deotima Chowdhury Contact No: 9073391037
  • Email: support@azadfoundation.com

This Program is conducted in batches on an annual basis. You can leave your interest with us through the above contact numbers or email, we will get back in touch with you when slots open up.

The Mahila Leadership Program which has been build with the transformational partnership between ITC Vivel and Azad Foundation, has helped create women leaders who have made impactful contributions to their communities. The leaders go on to work with organizations like The Delhi Commission for Women, the Delhi Legal Service Authority, the Mahila Panchayat, and a host of non-governmental organizations such as Haqdarshak, Jagori, Josh, Azad Foundation, Shramik Majdoor Sangthan, and Chetnalaya.

There is no enrollment fee for the program.

Yes, A stipend is given out to the enrolled participants of the program.

When one woman graduates from this program, the impact is not limited to her, it is multifold.

Graduates of the Mahila Leadership Programme have evolved into informed, empowered advocates, capable of addressing women’s struggles within their communities. 50,000 women are now familiar and trained on dealing with violence issues with many taking decisive steps and further connecting with institutions for support. More than 7,000 women today have complete access to social security schemes and understand the nuances along with owning citizenship documents. Their relentless efforts and unwavering dedication have encouraged administrative reforms at the community and the local level. Many are now employed with the Delhi Commission of Women, Delhi Legal Service Authority Mahila Panchayat, Non-Government Organisations like Haqdarshak, Jagori, Josh, Chetanalaya, Shrimik Mazdoor Sangathan and Azad Foundation